What is a land use plan?

    The City creates land use plans for areas that are experiencing growth and development pressure. A plan determines what can be built and where. It guides the City when considering future development applications. 

    Typically a land use plan will aim to:

    • Designate future land uses;
    • Guide density and height of buildings;
    • Increase employment space;
    • Address housing affordability;
    • Upgrade streets and add connections;
    • Improve parks and public spaces; and,
    • Renew and add public amenities.

    Without a plan, development can occur haphazardly and can lead to speculation and a lack of community amenities and infrastructure. A land use plan provides more certainty for residents, developers, the City and the community’s future.

    Will this plan rezone my property?

    No. When the plan is complete it will only indicate the future potential for land through a designation. Designations describe the general form that can be built on a property. For example, “commercial,” “mid-rise mixed use,” or “park” are all designations. Development applications such as development permits and rezoning applications are still typically required before anything can be built. During a development application process, a public hearing and Council approval are required.

    Do I have to move or sell my property?

    No. The plan will only designate the future potential for land. The City does not buy or redevelop the properties included in the plan. Individual property owners may choose to sell their properties to developers, redevelop themselves or keep as is. The City will often require developers consolidate a minimum number of properties and prove they are not impacting remaining lots’ ability to redevelop in the future. As such, you are free to move or stay in your home as long as you like.

    When will development occur?

    Simply, a land use plan is a tool to provide certainty for residents, developers, the City and the community’s future. Development occurs with or without a plan.

    The Fleetwood Plan will provide a 25 year+ vision for the community. The pace of development is dependent on individual property owners redeveloping or choosing to sell their property.  If there aren’t willing buyers, sellers, and developers then not much will change. Sometimes it takes decades for changes to occur. Areas close to planned SkyTrain Stations will likely redevelop quicker. Some areas may not redevelop at all.

    How will the plan improve my neighbourhood?

    Many public facilities and services are essential to the day-to-day lives of residents, such as parks, community centres, cultural spaces, public art, childcare facilities, and libraries.

    The City is typically responsible for providing these community amenities. When new development occurs in an area that has a land use plan, new development and growth contributions help fund these amenities. These are called Community Amenity Contributions (CACs) and are collected from developers as part of rezoning applications.

    Why is the city creating a community plan for Fleetwood now?

    Fleetwood is an important community within Surrey. It's heart is the Fleetwood Town Centre which is a designated Urban Centre within Metro Vancouver's Regional Growth Strategy (RGS).  It is also located along the planned SkyTrain extension on Fraser Highway, an important transit route within the community and the region. 

    The Fleetwood Plan will help accommodate growth by envisioning a long term future for the community.

    My property is shown as Parks and Open Space. What does this mean for me?

    The Parks and Open Space designation signifies that the City is interested in purchasing your property and developing it into a park in the future. It does not rezone your property or change what you are permitted to do with your property under the its' current zoning.

    My property is designated as Parks and Open Space. Do I have to move or sell my property to the City?

    No. The City will look to purchasing your property at fair market value after the Fleetwood Plan is finalized and only if you decide to sell to the City. You can own and stay at your property until you wish to sell to the City. You may also sell to another interested party at any time. 

    Fair market value will be determined by an independent appraiser. This process involves assessing the highest and best use of the land (which typically excludes the park use) based on site characteristics, neighbourhood context, land use designations, and development potential of surrounding properties.